Live Events

June 5 – Kyru Live Event: DJ Zeb K

Tune in for another Kyru Live Event!

June 5 8:30-9:30 Detroit time

Artist: DJ Zeb K

Live Events

May 24- Kyru live: Mrs Dink

Tune in for another Kyru Live event!

Founder of “Degenerate Trifecta “ Mrs Dink will he playing live music!

Live Events

Live Stream: Sound Psychologist

Tune in for the first live stream on Kyru Records: Sound Psychologist. At 8:30pm detroit time.

Sick live jams, make sure to listen on a big system, and don’t forget to dance!

The stream can be watched on the Live Events page.


Introducing: Live Events

Introducing the Live Events page!

On this page, you can view the latest live streamed event, and check the calendar to see when events will happen!

Releases Sound Psychologist

JUNGLIST E.P. : sound psychologist

released on 03/06/21

After a more than a year of silence, Sound Psychologist is back.

“With a new fresh sound, Thomas Ryan brings a stunning new ep as Sound Psychologist. With Junglist being a laid back live performed song, and Saturday as a house song, “Junglist” covers all the bases.”